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Welcome to The Bass Federation of Connecticut.

Join Connecticut's most affordable bass fishing tournament trail for as little as $20 per tournament. More tournaments, more fun and more chances to advance to the state team.


You don't need a boat to join !


A Special Thank You to Don Coffin for fabricating the new aluminum banner stand poles and donating them to the CT-TBF.






a. Fish and qualify thru the C division (trail) and pay the appropriate entry fees.

b. Fish and qualify thru the 2 day qualifier and pay the appropriate entry fees.

c. Qualify one (1) boater and one (1) non-boater thru whatever club process you choose. Pay two (2) entry fees to the TBF of CT. as if each of the entrants were fishing the 2 day qualifier.

d. All fisherman must be in good standing with the TBF of CT. and FLW.


2. When we have determined how many boats are allowed to fish the National semi-finals, the boaters and non-boaters will be determined in descending order of finish with the exception of the club boats.

(EXAMPLE)  If we are allowed fifteen (15) boats the top fifteen (15) finishers will be boaters and the next fifteen (15) will be non-boaters.

(Depending on club funds) At this time all contestants will pay their own semi-final entry fees; Boaters - $200.00, Non-boaters - $100.00 (paid to National TBF for the National Semi Finals entry fee.)


CT-TBF Trail

The 2016 Tournament Trail is completed. Thanks to all participants for making it a great year !!!


CT-TBF Trail Results

Tournament #5 Connecticut River Haddam Meadows August 7th 2016


A Division Winners

1st Alex Wetherell, 2nd Ken Bugden, 3rd Dino Moutogiannis, 4th Dominick Gambardella, Lunker - Tony Viccaro


B Division Winners

1st Steve Salafia, 2nd Mike Talaga, Lunker - Steve Salafia


2016 Angler of the Year

A Division - Ken Bugden (left)

B Division - Martin Schaffmeier


***** See full results on Tournament Standings page. *****


Join us at the next TBF Open/Team Tournament

Candlewood Lake Squantz Pond Launch 7:30-3:30 Saturday October 15th

Now paying to 20% of the field !!!


Congratulations to the team of Daryl Biron & John Zera for winning the July 17th TBF Connecticut River Open with a limit of 8 fish weighing 19.15 lbs !


The 2016 CT-TBF State Team (shown below) will be fishing the St. Lawrence River & Lake Ontario at the TBF Eastern Divisionals in Kingston Ontario Canada.

Russ Phillips, Rich Baker, Bill Naples, Alex Wetherell, Fred Perry, Gary Kurensky, Dominic Gambardella, Jake Roczniak, Ken Bugden, Keith Cleary, Tony Viccaro, Jim Johnson

Alternates - Bob Panico & Mike Lavelle


**** Next Meeting ****

The next TBF of CT board meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Thursday September 22nd 2016 at the Cabela's in East Hartford. Meetings are open to all members.

Meetings are at 7 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month, unless specified otherwise.

The TBF-CT Website is constantly being updated,
but we need your input too.
Please email any thoughts and
suggestions directly to

or click LIKE on left panel.


2016 CT-TBF Tournament Trail


All Tournaments 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified

Trail Event #1 - Lake Lillinonah Sunday April 24th
Trail Event #2 - Candlewood Lake Sunday May 22nd
Trail Event #3 - Lake Zoar Sunday June 26th
Trail Event #4 - Candlewood Lake Sunday July 24th
Trail Event #5 - CT River (Haddam) Sunday August 7th


Each year the organization hosts a tournament trail for the membership. There are two divisions in which the members can choose to fish. A Division is a little more expensive ($40 per tournament) and is generally fished by people who are comfortable at fishing tournaments and have a little more knowledge of the waters. B Division is quite cheap to fish ($20 per tournament) and is generally considered to be a place for learners and people who are not familiar with the waters to fish against other people who are competing at the same level.

If you wish to try and accumulate points to make the CT. TBF State Team through the tournament trail, you need to fill out the "State Team - Trail Qualifier" Application and attach the $75.00 fee. The deadline for this application is before you fish your first 2016 trail event.


2016 CT-TBF 2 Day Championship & State Team Qualifier

Day #1- Candlewood Lake Saturday August 27th

Day #2 - CT River Sunday August 28th
2016 TBF Eastern Regionals (Last year of old format consists of ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, Ont, CA)
Day #1 - Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River September 14th
Day #2 - Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River September 15th
Day #3 - Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence River September 16th
2016 TBF National Semi-Finals (New Format consists of CT., RI., NJ.)
Day #1 - CT. River Saturday October 8th
Day #2 - CT River Sunday October 9th

2016 Open/Team Tournaments

#1 - Candlewood Lake 7-3 Saturday March 26th
#2 - Candlewood Lake 7-3 Thursday May 5th
#3 - CT River (Haddam) 7:30-3:30 Sunday June 5th
#4 - Candlewood Lake 7-3 Saturday June 11th
#5 - Candlewood Lake 7:30-3:30 Saturday July 9th
#6 - CT River (Haddam) 7-3 Sunday July 17th
#7 - Candlewood Lake 7:30-3:30 Saturday October 15th
#8 - Candlewood Lake 7:30-3:30 Sunday November 13th
#9 - Candlewood Lake 7:30-3:30 Sunday November 27th

Entry Fee $100.00 per team - Optional Lunker Fee of $20.00 per team - Launch position by postmark of paid entry - TBF Open Rules apply - 75% Payout to 20% of the field

Applications are available on the
Tournament Applications page.
Tournament Director
Keith Cleary 914-419-0218


Please forward any pictures you
wish on the site to the webmaster.

Join our email list and be notified of all upcoming events!





******* See the full articles on the sponsors pages / links. ********

To become a member of our federation one must either join an existing club (check the club listing page) or form a new club with a minimum of 6 members. By doing either it will automatically enroll you in the federation and entitle you to all our member benefits and protect you under the TBF insurance coverage. Most clubs in the state are actively recruiting new members at this time and welcome new faces enthusiastically.

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