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2022 Meeting Dates & Minutes


February TBF of CT monthly minutes of February 24






August 2022-TBF-minutes-August






The TBF of CT monthly meetings are now held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7pm. Changes will be announced when applicable. All members are encouraged to attend.


2021 Meeting Dates & Minutes

Jan 21st - 2021=minutes-Jan no Feb meeting

Feb 18th - No Meeting

March 18th - 2021-TBF-minutes-March

April 15th - 2021-TBF-minutes-April

May 20th - 2021-TBF-minutes-May

June 17th 2021-TBF-minutes-June

July 15th 2021-minutes-July

August 19th 2021-TBF-Minutes-Aug

September 16th 2021-TBF minutes Sept

October 21st 2021 TBF of CT Oct minutes

November 18th

December 16th 2021 TBF minutes December






2020 Meeting Dates & Minutes

Jan 17th TBF-Minutes-Jan-2020 / TBF of CT Proposals for 2020

Feb 20th

March 19th - cancelled Covid

April 16th - cancelled Covid

May 14th - cancelled Covid

June 18th - cancelled Covid / TBF of Connecticut - COVID Updates - 2020-2021 Schedule

July 16th - cancelled Covid

August 20th 2020-TBF Minutes Aug

September 17th TBF-minutes-Sept-2020

October 15th - 2020-TBF-minutes-Oct (2)

November 19th -

December 17th -



2019 Meeting Dates & Minutes

January 17th TBF of CT monthly meeting minutes of January 17

February 21st 2019-TBF-minutes-February

March 21st 2019-TBF-minutes-March

April 18th 2019-TBF-minutes-April

May 16th 2019-TBF-minutes-May

June 20th

July 18th2019-TBF-minutes-July

August 15th 2019-TBF-minutes-Aug

September 19th 2019-TBF-Minutes-Sept

October 17th 2019 Oct Minutes TBF

November 21st TBF-minutes-Nov 2019

December 19th 2019 - TBF -MINUTES-Dec


The TBF of CT monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at Cabela’s in East Hartford at 7pm in a meeting room on the second floor by the Candlewood Grill. Changes will be announced when applicable. All members are encouraged to attend.



2018 Meeting Dates & Minutes

January 18th minutes-Jan-2018

February 15th TBF-minutes-2018-Feb

March 15th 2018-minutes-TBF-March

April 19th 2018-Minutes-TBF-April

May 17th 2018-TBF-minutes-May

June 21st 2017-minutes-TBF-June - Copy

July 26th TBF-minutes-meetingJuly2018

August 16th 2018-minutes-TBF-August

September 20th 2018-minutes-TBF-Sept

October 18th 2018-minutes-TBF-Oct

November 15th - Meeting cancelled due to weather

December 20th 2018-minutes-TBF-Dec



******** 2017 Meeting Dates / Minutes *********


January 19 2017-minutes-Jan February 16 TBFmonthlyminutesFeb-17
March 16 TBF-2017-March-minutes April 20 TBFmonthlyminutesApril2017
May 18minutes-May-2017-TBF June 152017-minutes-TBF-June
July 20 2017-minutes-July August 24 2017-minutes-Aug
September 21 2017-Sept.Minutes-TBF October 19 2017-minutes-Oct-TBF
November 16 2017-minutes-Nov-TBF December 21

******** 2016 Meeting Dates / Minutes *********


January 21 February 18
March 17 April 21 2016-minutes-April
May 19 2016-minutes-May June 16 2016-minutes-June
July 212016-minutes-July-TBF August 182016-minutes-August
September 152016-minutes-Sept October 20 2016-minutes-Nov
November 17 2016-minutes-Nov December 15 2016-minutes-Dec


Directions to Cabela’s in East Hartford

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