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National Semi Finals Division 15

Information and Results Page








TBF National Semi Finals 1000 Islands Clayton, NY.

Division #15 (Connecticut, Rhode Island & New Jersey)

hosted by the TBF of Connecticut


Tournament Waters Off Limit Dates - Sept. 12th & 13th

Official Practice Dates - Sept. 14th, 15th & 16th

Tournament Dates - Sept. 17th & 18th



15 — CT/NJ/RI
Register: 08-09 — 09-08
Compete: 09-17 — 09-18
Host: Connecticut Bass Federation and Clayton, NY
Fishery: St. Lawrence River
Ramp: French Creek Marina
Fred Perry


More Information to come !!!




Canadian Boating & Fishing License Requirements


If you are 18 years and older
You will need a valid licence before you can start fishing. This licence includes two parts:

  1. an Outdoors Card (a plastic ID card, valid for three calendar years)
  2. a fishing licence (valid for either one or three calendar years)

A fishing licence can be for either:

  • conservation (reduced catch limits)
  • sport (normal catch limits)

Fishing licences

Two types of fishing licences are available:

  1. Sport fishing licence, which includes full catch-and-possession fishing privileges
  2. Conservation fishing licence, which includes reduced catch-and-possession limits. This is ideal for anglers who want to release the majority of fish they catch.

Fishing licences are available for different durations, including:

  • one day
  • eight days
  • one year
  • three years

You can buy your fishing licence online and save it in a digital format (for example, on your smartphone), print it from home, or print it through a participating ServiceOntario or licence issuer location.
You must follow catch and possession limits.


2021 fishing license fees for non-Canadian residents


Outdoors Card


3-year sport fishing licence


3-year conservation fishing licence


1-year sport fishing licence


1-year conservation fishing licence


1-day sport fishing licence (you do not need an Outdoors Card)
Valid for 1 calendar day starting at 12:00 midnight


8-day sport fishing licence


8-day conservation fishing licence



  • Your licence summary listing your valid fishing licence, can be saved as a digital format (e.g., on your smartphone) or printed from home, at a licence issuer or ServiceOntario location.
  • All 8-day fishing licences are valid for 8 consecutive calendar days. A calendar day is a 24-hour period starting at 12:00 midnight. 8-day fishing licences will not receive anything by mail.


Where to buy or renew an Outdoors Card and buy licences and tags

The Outdoors Card renewal period starts the 1st Tuesday in December every year.
Visit -


******* More information to follow regarding Canada opening up border crossings********


Canadian Boat Safety Equipment List

Up to 6 metres in length (19'8")

  • Life jacket or PFD for each person on board
  • Buoyant heaving line 15 metres
  • Reboarding device / ladder
  • Manual propelling device OR anchor with 15 m (50') of rode
  • Hand-bailer OR manual pump
  • If equipped with motor: Watertight flashlight OR 3 Type A, B, or C flares
  • Sound signalling device
  • Navigation lights - if operated at night or in restricted visibility
  • Magnetic compass [not required within sight of navigation marks]
  • Radar reflector [not required under most day and near-shore use]
  • Class 5BC fire extinguisher if equipped with inboard engine, fuel tank, fuel-burning stove, fridge or heater.

6 - 9 metres in length (19'8"-29'6")

  • Life jacket or PDF for each person on board
  • Buoyant heaving line 15 metres (50') OR a life buoy attached to buoyant line 15 m.
  • Reboarding device / ladder
  • Manual propelling device (oar) OR anchor with 15 m (50') rode
  • Bailer OR manual pump
  • Watertight flashlight
  • flares: type A, B, or C *Exempt if never more than 1 nm (1.8 km) from shore
  • Sound signalling device
  • Navigation lights - if operated at night or in restricted visibility
  • Magnetic compass [not required within sight of navigation marks]
  • Radar reflector [not required under most day and near-shore use]
  • Class 5BC fire extinguisher if vessel equipped with a motor
  • Class 5BC fire extinguisher if fuel-burning stove, fridge, or heater




New York Boating & Fishing License Requirements

State of New York Fishing License

Purchase Your Fishing License

Types & Fees
General Fishing Licenses (View residency qualifications)


Resident Fee

Nonresident Fee

valid one full year (365 days)
from the date of purchase

$25 (ages 16-69)


$5 (ages 70+)







Visit -


Boating Requirements and Safety

For more information about boating requirements & boating safety, please call the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historical Preservation (OPRHP) at (518) 474-0456 or visit the OPRHP boating page (leaving DEC website).





We don’t want any TBF angler to miss out on any contingency award!

BFL All-American Advancement from the Federation Championship / FLW Competitor Membership Contingency –  PLEASE READ ALL CAREFULLY – Just like any other contingency prize (think Ranger cup or a Big Fish pot, etc.) You need to be a part of the group BEFORE you attempt to qualify. SO, under the new program with MLF/FLW IF you wish to advance to the BFL All-American (14 anglers = top boater and top co-co-angler from each division) from spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship, you MUST upgrade to a FLW competitor membership directly with FLW BEFORE you fish the National Semi Finals, it cannot be done even 1 day after the National Semi Final event. Period. It is a contingency just like any other you MUST be in before you attempt to qualify

IT IS NOT REQUIRED, to fish any TBF event, getting into a big bass pot is not required but if your not in it you cannot win advancement to the 2021 BFL All-American SHOULD you be the one(1) to win your division at the spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship.

HERE IS HOW – First off with a National TBF membership we provide through our partnership with FLW a Subscriber membership to every TBF member. For 99% of the federation members that takes care of fishing everything TBF! As previously widely published when MLF acquired FLW changes were made to the program and a FLW competitor membership (required to fish a FLW event NOT a TBF event) was separated out at a cost of $60 annually to be a FLW as a competitor member to everyone in the nation. HOWEVER, since a TBF membership already gains you a FLW subscriber membership all TBF member who choose to fish a FLW event only OR want to be eligible to advance from the TBF Federation Championship only needs to upgrade to a FLW Competitor level membership DIRECTLY WITH FLW if they desire too at the guaranteed lowest price of $48.50 all you have to do is tell them you are TBF member. Has NOTHING to do with being able to fishing a TBF event like the national semi-final or the Federation National Championship)

To upgrade if YOU want to be eligible:  Simply call FLW directly, BEFORE you fish a TBF National Semi final TELL them YOU ARE A TBF MEMBER, as a TBF member you are already a subscriber member therefore TBF members get the guaranteed lowest price in the nation for a FLW competitor membership, instead of $60 it is only $48.50 to TBF members since we have already taken care of the subscriber membership and this is a upgrade. That it. If you don’t care about advancement from the spring 2021 TBF Federation National Championship to a FLW event then you don’t need to do anything.  IF you need help just call the office.   Thanks all! MORE below.




IF you are the owner of  a Ranger boat (does NOT have t be original owner and does not have to be any make or year model requirements for TBF events!  YOU can sign up and WIN Ranger Cup CASH!

$500 to the top Ranger Cup qualified boater at each TBF National semi final event and THOUSANDS $$  to both Boaters and Co-anglers who are Ranger Cup qualified at the 2021 TBF Federation National Championship. This program runs a calendar year and you must sign up at the beginning of each year or before you fish a qualified event.






Boaters - Tony Viccaro, Tim Thompson, Jeff Misaiko, Keith Cleary, Matt Marinelli, Jim Johnson, Jordon Doucette, Kevin Jaracy

Non-Boaters - Eric Baba, Lee Tracy, Tom Moleski, Bob Dattilo, Jason Myslak, Josh Escobar, Fred Perry, Ken Bugden



2020 TBF Division 15 National Semi Finals

Dutchmen's Landing Hudson River Catskill, NY.


TBF National Semi Final Link



Semi Finals Results






TBF National Semi Final Div. 15

( Connecticut, New Jersey & Rhode Island )

St. Lawrence River (1000 Islands) Clayton, NY.


Congratulations to 2019 NSF Division 15 Overall Tournament Winner & Top CT Boater Keith Cleary (above) and Top CT Non Boater Ryan Kusmit (below in yellow). They will be representing CT. at the TBF National Championship in 2020.


Congratulations to Boaters (1st) Keith Cleary, (3rd) Ken Bugden and (4th) Matt Marinelli


D15 NSF - BOATERS Results

Congratulations to Non Boaters (1st) Ryan Kusmit, (3rd) Jeff Misaiko

D15 NSF - CO-ANGLERS Results


State Pride/Team Results

D15 NSF - CO-ANGLERS Results


TBF National Semi Final Link






CT-TBF members for the 2018 NSF Lake Champlain



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Ranger Boats


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