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2016 Photo Gallery

2016 Hartford Hunting & Fishing Show



March 26th Candlewood Lake Open



Setting up for the Cabelas Spring Fishing Sale, 4/2-4/3



CT-TBF Trail Tournament #1 Lake Lillinonah 4/24



TBF Open #2 Candlewood Lake 5/5



CT-TBF Trail Tournament #2 Candlewood Lake 5/22



TBF Open #3 CT. River Haddam Meadows 6/5



TBF Open #4 Candlewood Lake 6/11



TBF Trail Tournament #3 Lake Zoar 6/26



TBF Open #5 Candlewood Lake 7/9




TBF Open #6 Connecticut River  7/17 - No Pictures of Event




TBF Trail Tournament #4 Candlewood Lake 7/24



TBF Trail Tournament #5 CT. River Haddam Meadows 8/7 





TBF 2 Day

Day 1, Candlewood Lake 8/27

Day 2, CT. River Haddam Meadows 8/28 



2016 TBF Eastern Divisionals - 9/10-9/16 Kingston Ontario Canada






2016 National Semi-Finals Connecticut River Day #1 - 10/8 (RI, CT, NJ)



2016 National Semi-Finals Connecticut River Day #2 - 10/9 (RI, CT, NJ)

Connecticut Semi Qualifier Boater (Alex Wetherell) and Non Boater (Steve Martins) Champions

2016 Semi Qualifier Tournament Boater & Non Boater Overall Champions


2016 CT-TBF Anglers of the Year

A Division - Ken Bugden (left)

B Division - Martin Schaffmeier


Congratulations to Alex Wetherell for winning the 2016 CT. TBF 2 Day Championship on a very tough Candlewood Lake & CT. River.


2016 TBF Eastern Divisionals

Congratulations to the 2016 CT-TBF State Team (shown below) on a 3rd place finish at the TBF Eastern Divisionals in Kingston Ontario Canada.

Russ Phillips, Rich Baker, Bill Naples, Alex Wetherell, Fred Perry, Gary Kurensky, Dominic Gambardella, Jake Roczniak, Ken Bugden, Keith Cleary, Tony Viccaro, Jim Johnson

Alternates - Bob Panico & Mike Lavelle


Congratulations to Boater Russ Phillips (right) & Non Boater Ken Bugden (left). Ken and Russ will be representing CT. TBF at the TBF Nationals !


2016 TBF National Semi Final Div. 15

Congratulations to Alex Wetherell (right) for winning the 2016 TBF Semi Final Tournament Div. 15. Boater Alex Wetherell & Non Boater Steve Martins will be representing the CT. TBF at the TBF Nationals !!!

TBF Open #7 Candlewood Lake 10/15

TBF Open #8 Candlewood Lake 11/13

TBF Open #9 Candlewood Lake 11/27

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