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State Teams, Anglers of the Year & More






2023 National Semi Final Qualifiers (Division 15: CT, NJ, RI)


Trail Boaters - Keith Cleary, Sam Leary, Tony Viccaro & Rich Schumacher

Trail Non Boaters - Mike Talaga, Jason Myslak, Eric Baba & John Poe


2 Day Boaters - Matt Marinelli, Lee Tracy, Fred Perry & Colton Brodeur

2 Day Non Boaters - Norm Boucher, Amy Perry, Ron Haag, ?


2 Day Champion - 2022 Matt Marinelli

Boater Angler of the Year - 2022 Keith Cleary

Non Boater Angler of the Year - 2022 Mike Talaga


NSF Buy in Boaters -

NSF Buy in Non Boaters -






State Team - 2022 National Semi Final Qualifiers

Trail Boaters - Keith Cleary, Sam Leary, Jeff Misaiko, Jay Caponigro

Trail Non Boaters - Mike Talaga, Jason Myslak, Eric Baba


2 Day Boaters - Matt Marinelli, Jim Johnson, Charlie Jedlica & Tony Viccaro

2 Day Non Boaters - Lee Tracy, Norm Boucher, Ron Haag, John Poe


2 Day Champion - 2021 Matt Marinelli

Boater Angler of the Year - 2021 Keith Cleary

Non Boater Angler of the Year - 2021 Josh Escobar


Buy in Boaters - Fred Perry, Bob Dattilo & Dave Matthieu

Buy in Non Boaters - Russ Phillips, Nick Cortina, Rich Schumacher & Carlos Estevez






Due to the Covid19 Pandemic the 2020 CT-TBF Tournament Trail was cancelled. All of the National Semi Finalists came from the 2 Day Championship.


TBF National Semi Final Div. 15

Boaters - Tony Viccaro, Tim Thompson, Jeff Misaiko, Keith Cleary, Matt Marinelli, Jim Johnson, Jordon Doucette, Kevin Jaracy

Non-Boaters - Eric Baba, Lee Tracy, Tom Moleski, Bob Dattilo, Jason Myslak, Josh Escobar, Fred Perry, Ken Bugden


2 Day Champion - Tony Viccaro




2019 CT-TBF Division 15 National Semi Finalists

Boaters - Keith Cleary, Jake Roczniak, Rich Schumacher, Ken Bugden, Matt Marinelli, Paul Indorf, Tim Thompson, Fred Perry, Jim Johnson, Tony Viccaro


Non-Boaters - Tom Marzano, Jeff Misaiko, Jason Myslak, Eric Baba, Ryan Kusmit, Caleb Hill, Steve Salafia, Tom Moleski, Rob Panico

Alternates - Kate Dattilo (Boater), John Fonda (Non-Boater)


Rich Schumacher 2019 2 Day Champion


Jake Roczniak 2019 A Division Angler of the Year


Martin Schaffmeier 2019 B Division Angler of the Year







Lake Champlain


2018 TBF NSF Division 15 Overall Winner and Top CT-TBF Boater Matt Marinelli and Top Qualifying CT-TBF Non-Boater Eric Baba.

2018 CT-TBF Division 15 National Semi Finalists

Boaters - Ken Bugden, Matt Marinelli, Jeff Misaiko, Jake Roczniak, Jim Johnson, Tim Thompson, Kate Dattilo, Fred Perry, Keith Cleary

Non-Boaters - Tony Viccaro, Eric Baba, Ron Haag, Paul Indorf, Jason Myslak, Norm Boucher, Steve Salafia, Bob Dattilo, Jeff Serratelli


2018 CT-TBF 2 Day Championship, 1st Place - Matt Marinelli

2018 CT-TBF A Division Angler of the Year (AOY) - Ken Bugden


2018 CT-TBF B Division Angler of the Year (AOY) - Jim Sherman




2017 CT-TBF Division 15 National Semi Finalists Lake Hopatcong New Jersey

Hosted by the New Jersey TBF


Alex Wetherell, Keith Cleary, Ken Bugden, Jim Johnson, Jeff Misaiko, Jake Roczniak, Tony Viccaro, Paul Indorf,


Norm Boucher, Richard Logan Jr., Steve Salafia, Tom Moleski, Vincent Rossi, John Fonda, John Poe, Bob Dattilo

Top CT Boater - Alex Wetherell, Top CT Non-Boater John Fonda



2016 Semi Final (New Format), Host - TBF of Connecticut, Location - CT. River

2016 CT-TBF Semi Final Qualifiers

Boaters (above) - Ken Bugden, Alex Wetherell, Dino Moutogiannis, Don Coffin, Keith Cleary, Mike Wiltshire, Scott Weiland, Bill Naples, Anthony Gambardella, Jake Roczniak, Jim Johnson and Tim Thompson.

Non-Boaters - Martin Schaffmeier, John Poe, Bob Panico, Norm Boucher, Steve Salafia, Steve Martins, Paul Indorf, Greg, Matakaetis, Russell Awad, Jeff Misaiko, Kate Dattilo and Tom Marzano.

These parties qualified through the CT. TBF trail or the 2 Day Championship and will be competing on the CT. River against qualifiers from New Jersey and Rhode Island on October 7th and October 8th 2016 in the New Semi Final format. The winning Boater and Non-Boater from each state will advance to the National Championship.





2016 State Team - Russ Phillips, Rich Baker, Bill Naples, Alex Wetherell, Fred Perry, Gary Kurensky, Dominic Gambardella, Jake Roczniak, Ken Bugden, Keith Cleary, Tony Viccaro, Jim Johnson. Alternates Bob Panico & Mike Lavelle




2015 State Team - Rich Baker, Anthony Viccaro, Keith Cleary, Gary Kurensky, Ken Bugden, Tom Marzano, John Poe, Dave Sytulek, Jeff Misaiko, Mike Lavelle, Jason Martinelli, Curtis Grasty Jr, Norm Boucher

2014 State Team – Fred Perry, Scott Janus, Jamie Verab, Jerry Hammond, Russ Phillips, Rich Baker, Keith Cleary, Jeff Misaiko, Dominic Gambardella, Don Coffin, Jim Johnson, Ken Bugden, Gary Kurensky, Norm Boucher

2013 State Team – Dino Moutogiannis, Keith Cleary, Jeff Misaiko, Ken Bugden, Russ Phillips, Gary Kuresnky, Rich Baker, Dominic Gambardella, John Poe, Len Beebe, Dave Johnson, Joe Rackewicz

2012 State Team – Keith Cleary, Dino Moutogiannis, Jeff Misaiko, John Poe, Joe Rackewicz, Dominic Gambardella, Ken Rollo, Rich Baker, Fred Perry, Gary Kurensky, Russ Phillips, Ken Bugden, Alternates - Alex Schvartsman, Mike Yawgel

2011 State Team -


2010 State Team -


2009 State Team -


2008 State Team - Dominic Gambardella, Scott Janus, Art Rife, Steve Bender, Fred Perry, Jeff Misaiko, John Gillis, Joe Voerman, Jim Canning, Rich Baker, Chris Blanc, Goerge Mullens, Rich Schumacher - Alternate, Lee Johnson - Alternate

2007 State Team -


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